Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Community Chef

Today's "Community Chef" feature in the Tuscaloosa News features a recipe that I have used for years. It was shared with me by my dear friend, Barbara Kucharski. I have used it countless times over the years for my family, for guests, and for friends (it is great dish to take to someone). Probably the most memorable occasion of serving Chicken Lasagna was several years ago. We were having an "all guy" dinner with friends from the Alabama and Auburn Radio Networks following and Alabama/Auburn baseball game. I'm not sure these guys were so sure about "chicken lasagna" when it was served; however, it was a big hit. They must have enjoyed it as Rod and Andy still talk about it after all these years! This recipe was also featured in the Sprayberry "Game Day Specialties" cookbook that debuted in 2008. Most recently, I shared it with a friend who just had surgery. She requested the recipe because her children liked it so much. Enjoyed by all - men, women and children - I hope you enjoy it as well!

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