Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Take Them A Meal

After my transplant in 2005, my sweet friend, Kim, organized meals for my family every other night for a few months! It was incredibly helpful to us! I can't imagine how much time she spent making phone calls, sending e-mails, making food herself, etc.while taking care of her family, working full time and running a business. It makes me tired to think about it! When someone is sick, there is a death in the family, a surgery, they need the support of family and friends and sharing a meal is just one way we can help. We can also help when babies are born and other times of celebration! Our Bible study class provided meals for a Mom who was placed on bed rest before the baby was born. This is when I learned about this awesome website. "Take Them A Meal" is a fabulous way to organize meals for a family or individual you care about! It is very simple to use and eliminates alot of phone calling, e-mailing, etc. It does it all for you! You just fill in the information and share the website with others.  Those who want to help can go directly to the website to sign up. There they will find directions, any special dietary restrictions, how much to prepare, etc. It even sends reminders! You will also be able to view meals already set up so that you don't duplicate. Remember when everyone was serving Andy Griffith spaghetti while Aunt Bee was gone! "Take Them A Meal" would have been Andy's friend that night! Let me encourage you to use this website when a friend needs a meal or two or more - you can set it up to last as long as you need it. What a blessing it will be for your friends or family!

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