Monday, March 19, 2012

Gift Record

Have you ever been  the friend who was asked to record the gifts at a shower  or party and you had to look around and find some paper - any paper - sometimes lined, sometimes not - just whatever you can find? Have you ever been the bride at a wedding shower or the expecting mom at a baby shower and gotten home to sort your gifts and then had questions about the gift and/or giver - maybe the gift cards were not attached? Well, I have created a form to use for gift giving events like showers, parties, etc. It includes: 1) The Occasion - church shower, work baby shower, family birthday party - you name it! Many times, a bride or expecting mom will have several parties. Labeling the gift list will help to keep her organized for writing her "thank you" notes. 2) The Recorder - include the name of the person(s) who recorded the gifts as they were opened. Often, the honoree is so busy greeting guests that they may not know who recorded the gifts. In case of questions, it will be helpful for her to know who to call. 3) The Date and 4) The Location. All of this information will help the honoree to stay organized and she will appreciate your efforts.

A few other points to remember:
1) Always print! It will be easier to read.
2) Be detailed - instead of "glasses", use "set of six clear glasses", for example.
2) For the giver, always include full name if given. There might be more than one Susan, for example.
3) Make notes, if needed, to help the honoree sort her gifts. For example, if you decide to put a gift in a box or bag with something else, be sure to let her know where to find them.
4) Print several copies of the form so that you don't run out of spaces.
5) Use a clipboard for a secure writing surface.
6) Staple or paper clip the pages together.
7) Give the complete list directly to the honoree so that she doesn't have to look through boxes and bags to find it.

You can download the "Gift Record" I created,  for your own use,  by following this link....

Please let me know if you find this form useful and anything else
that you think might need to be included!

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