Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Sewell-Thomas Stadium "The Joe"
University of Alabama

One of our favorite spring and summer past times is baseball! While we all enjoy it from different perspectives, we all enjoy it just the same! From the singing of the National Anthem to the final out!

The American Flag
I love the singing of the National Anthem! Hands over hearts at attention showing love for our country - always moving! So glad that this week, one of Elle's teachers required each student to sing the National Anthem. Good for her!

Annie's favorite part of the game has to be the music! She moves to the beat of Yea, Alabama, The Cotton Eyed Joe and more!


Elle would certainly say that the ice cream, the dipping dots, the chills and the popcorn are her favorites! Especially if it comes in a batting helmet! We have a collection of batting helmets that we have collected from our baseball travels. We use them as serving dishes at baseball themed gatherings.  Last spring, we even used them to serve grits from a grits bar at a brunch for baseball parents. It was a fun idea! Check out our collection!

As for Barry, he is all about the game! Earned run averages, hitting streaks, batting averages, errors, pitch count, RBIs - he doesn't miss a thing! He records every move on his scorecard - sometimes just for fun and sometimes for his job as a writer and freelance statistician. Check out his baseball blogs at

As for me, it's all about the stories. I enjoy the game and I enjoy it more when I know something about the players. Every time Hunter Gregory comes to bat for Alabama,

I remember how kind he was to Annie when the Bama Baseball Team hosted the Christmas Party at Annie's school, Sprayberry Education Center. Stories like this one
or this one
show the character of the team and it's the character of these guys and their coaches that makes me cheer for them - win or lose!

We love the friends we have made through baseball! Whether watching our home team or traveling, we've met so many great friends along the way. Elle has grown up hanging out at the ball park with our sweet friend, Katlin!

Here is a great treat to share with friends at the ball park:

Chocolate Pecan Pie Squares

From sea to shining sea, in ballparks across America, great guys are playing a great game. Fans are honoring our great country! Families like ours are enjoying hotdogs, popcorn and ice cream while cheering on our favorite teams! Who is your favorite team? Little League, College or Professional - leave a comment on the blog site or on Facebook. Would love to know who you are cheering for!

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