Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday - All Business

Today I am thankful for some awesome companies who
provide great service and products for my family!

 In no particular order 1) Publix - I shopped at Publix long before it came to my neighborhood because shopping there IS a pleasure! I appreciate Publix for it's awesome customer service- it's clean, the people are friendly, always helpful and I love their savings. I love their program to provide simple recipes for simple meals to promote fun in cooking and togetherness at home. I guess Publix just reminds me of growing up  - the small town grocery store and the family eating together at the dinner table every night! We didn't know how special that was back then! Oh, and the penny item on Wednesday makes shopping fun!

 2) Chick Fil A - our family never gets tired of Chick Fil A! Pleasant and fast service and always great food! I have to appreciate a business that still closes on Sunday! Maybe that's one reason they are so successful! On a recent visit to Chick Fil A in Auburn with my daughters, the cashier got someone to deliver our meal to the table! She frequently stopped by our table to see if we needed anything! Now this is a fast food restaurant! They recognized that juggling a wheelchair and a tray of food wasn't easy and just took care of it for us! I appreciate the heart of these employees and I believe it is the Chick Fil A Way! Oh, and I love their cow commercials!

3) Barnes and Noble is another great company we enjoy - whether shopping in the store or ordering on line, they have great customer service. If they don't have what you want, they can get it for you! When I recently went to purchase the next book in my Karen Kingsbury series, they just ordered for me, had it shipped to the store and I didn't have to pay shipping! A Barnes and Noble gift card makes the perfect gift for just about anyone! Oh, and you can get a great cup of coffee there, too!

4) Hobby Lobby - another business that is highly successful and still closes on Sunday! We have been without Hobby Lobby since the storm hit Tuscaloosa last April and are thankful to have it back open in Northport. They have everything we need for our creative spirit and we go there often! We visited the Hobby Lobby in Bowling Green, Kentucky, shortly after the storm in April. An employee there shared with us that they had pictures of the Tuscaloosa Hobby Lobby from the storm in their break room to remind them to pray for Tuscaloosa! Now, that's a great company! Oh, and their 50% off sales are the best!

5) Speaking of the storms, I am so thankful that we were spared of further damage this past week. The threat of severe weather around here has taken on a new meaning since last April. I am thankful for our leadership and everyone who is working so hard to rebuild homes, neighborhoods and businesses in the affected areas. This has been a daunting task but one that deserves careful consideration! We can't wait for Krispy Kreme to open!

Many of you may already do business with these companies - if you don't, you should! I don't think you'll find better customer service anywhere! Comment and share your own stories with these great companies!

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  1. Couldn't agree more about Publix in particular! Love shopping there and they are always so helpful and have PLENTY of ck out people. Yesterday I had a conversation with Joey who was a baby in the NICU ..his mom also worked at DCH ..and now he is 38..a special needs fellow with a great heart. How good that Publix employs so many of these wonderful people.