Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrating "Country Style"

Elle's 11th Birthday Party!

The Invitation

To celebrate her 11th birthday (which is actually the 18th), Elle invited her friends and family for a Backyard BBQ featuring the music of her favorite country music singers, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina (2011 American Idol Winner and Runner Up) - Invitation printed in Microsoft Word on Kraft Paper Note Cards from Hobby Lobby

The Supper Menu

Chips and Salsa
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
BBQ Pork on Sister Schubert's Rolls
Baked Beans
Marinated Cole Slaw
Macaroni and Cheese
Birthday Cake/Ice Cream
Granny's Banana Pudding

The Decoration

Silver wear wrapped in bandanna
print napkins, tied with jute
Cowboy boot/cactus lights in the
 tree (purchased from Party City)

Country Store candy package in burlap bags from www.pickyourplum.com

"Thanks, Yall" Note Attached created in Microsoft Word

Sunflowers from Hobby Lobby with Cowboy
Hats from the Dollar Tree

And Red Checked tablecloths
Geraniums with bandanna wrapped pots and Lauren Alaina
and Scotty McCreery CDs

Banner from Hobby Lobby western birthday supplies and cow print balloons
from Hobby Lobby

   The Cake - "Miss Me" Jeans, Cow print and Red Bandanna by Sweet Treats Bakery

Celebrating with Great Friends

"Georgia Peaches" and "Water Tower Town"

"Ain't nothing sweeter than Georgia Peaches"

More "Georgia Peaches"

 "I Love You This Big"

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Game 
 After searching the yard for pieces of yellow ribbon,
each team of 3 tied the ribbons together to see who had the longest ribbon - Fun Game!

Thanks to all of Elle's friends and family for celebrating the big #11 with her!