Monday, April 30, 2012

Pop's Legacy

Charles G. Lawson
11/2/32 - 4/30/11

"Pop" and "Mae Mae"

One year ago today, this world lost a great man! "Pop" was a term of endearment to his family and those who were close to him! He was my best friend's Dad. Growing up in Brundidge, the Lawsons lived just 2 houses up the street from me. Mr. Charlie was the Barber's Milk Man when we were growing up! It was a really big deal to the children in our neighborhood when he let us climb into the back of the milk truck on a hot summer day and get orange or grape ade! Later, when he started driving a cattle truck, he let Pam and I go with him on a run to Donaldsville, Georgia one summer night. We got to eat in a truck stop in the middle of the night and sleep in the truck's sleeper! Way too cool for two elementary school girls! He moved on to grow a very successful trucking company, Lawson Trucking,  but he never changed a bit!

Mr. Charlie had 3 daughters - Pam, Patti and Pennie - I could have been Parla! He always said that I could be his 4th daughter and he treated me as such! His acts of kindness to my family over the years are far two many to mention. In fact, if I told you all of them, he would probably look down with a look of disapproval. He did not do nice things for recognition - it was just a part of his make up!

At a very moving funeral service celebrating his life,  he was remembered by several people. Both his grandson and granddaughter spoke of the lessons they learned from "Pop". Hunter offered 3 important lessons that that his beloved grandfather taught him 1)Always be a man of your word - if you say you are going to do something, do it! 2) Always be on time and 3) Never spend more money than you have - life lessons we could all use, whether you knew Mr. Charlie or not!

As I went through the receiving line at the visitation, his brother said to me "If Charlie hadn't been sick, he would have had trucks helping in Tuscaloosa" (after the tornado) to which his safety director replied "He did send trucks to Tuscaloosa!" Even in his final days, when the devestating storm hit Tuscaloosa and much of Alabama, he was determined to help, even from his hospital bed in Houston, Texas.  This is the kind of person he was - incredibly successful but never forgetting the importance of helping others!

When Mr. Charlie passed away, Greg Botts, who grew up on the other side of Bowden Street said "I've lost my last role model that I had growing up" - he was referring to his Daddy, then my Daddy and then Pam's Daddy. What a tribute! Mr. Charlie and his family were so supportive to my Mother and I during my Daddy's hospitalization and subsequent death. It is ironic that the very day after my Daddy passed away that Mr. Charlie was admitted to the hospital with severe pain, beginning his decline in health.

I am so thankful for our friendship with this precious family. I am thankful for such sweet memories of growing up with them in Brundidge.  Pop's Legacy lives on in each of them! Mr. Charlie, we miss you! Thanks for loving me and my family!

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  1. Carla, I too remember getting a cold drink from Mr. Charlie's Barber's truck - good memories.