Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Remembering Our Teachers

On this "Thankful Thursday" my attention is given to remembering my teachers who have influenced me through the years. This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week". While we find it hard to remember the governor, the president, etc., we don't tend to ever forget our teachers! Can you name your elementary school teachers? I can - Kindergarten (We didn't have kindergarten!) First Grade: Mrs. Avis Burnett, Second Grade: Mrs. Marietta Strother, Third Grade: Mrs. Louise Haisten, Fourth Grade: Mrs. Jane Senn, Fifth Grade: Mrs. Quintilla Kervin and Sixth Grade: Mrs. Ann Gilchrist.

Your turn!

"A Teacher affects eternity. He can never tell
 where his influence stops."
Henry Adams

So true! I can think about each one of these ladies and remember something that I learned from each of them. It's funny how we forget many things about our childhood but we don't forget our teachers. My girls love their teachers. No doubt when they are my age, they'll remember the teachers of their elementary years. Today, I salute these ladies and every other teacher who has influenced my life. We don't just have teachers at school, but also at church, at dance, at music, at art and more. Thanks to every teacher who has been a part of making me who I am. Thanks to every teacher who has taught my children as well!

"Mrs. Spritzer's Garden" is a precious little book! Mrs. Spritzer is a wise teacher who know about gardens and who know about children and how they both will thrive if tended lovingly. Each year as Mrs. Spritzer's children blossom and move on, she plants more seeds! This delightful book makes a great end of year gift for your favorite teacher. We discovered it when Elle was in kindergarten and gave it to her teacher at the end of the year - signed by both of us. It would also be great as a gift signed by the whole class. It is available at and

Don't forget to show your teachers or your child's teachers how much you appreciate
 them this week and every week!

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