Sunday, June 3, 2012

Play Ball in the Miracle League!

While I am following the Women's College World Series in Softball and the NCAA Regional Baseball Championships, I am reminded of another team of baseball players - The Miracle League, whose mission is to provide opportunities for adults and children with special needs to play baseball!

Recently, the University of Alabama Baseball Team hosted The Miracle League of Tuscaloosa at "The Joe" - children and adults with varying abilities stood along side the Crimson Tide for the National Anthem. These guys are their friends - as Coach Gaspard and members of the Alabama baseball team have been a partner of the Miracle League in encouraging children and adults with special needs through baseball.

Two time National Championship Coach Ray Tanner of the South Carolina Gamecocks is donating 100% of the proceeds of "Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamond" to build a Miracle League Field. "It's hardly just the wins and the losses, the struggles or victories of what we've done here in Columbia," Tanner says. "It's about children that we believe deserve to have an opportunity to enjoy the pastime that has changed all of our lives. Enter the miracle-league field concept. If we do this correctly and do this together, we can put up a playing field that will allow physically challenged children of different ages to play our sport. I'm determined to make this happen. The book has become a vehicle in which to do so, and something we're very excited about."
Miracle Leagues are not just in Alabama and South Carolina but in Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states across our great country! There are many opportunities to volunteer with a Miracle League - visit to locate a Miracle League near you! Watch an amazing video thath shows you just what it's all about!

Volunteering to help a child or adult with mental and/or physical challenges to play baseball will be time well spent and you will be the one who receives the blessing! 

Play Ball!

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this! You are so matter what mood I am in when I arrive at the field, when I leave I am overjoyed and inspired. What these players accomplish on the field is amazing! You will see nothing but true joy and determination in the faces on that field...and you won't be able to resist it...the joy is contagious!

    Joanna McKinley, Board Member
    Miracle League of Tuscaloosa