Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Corn - Sweet Memories

Corn Off the Cob

This is my current favorite summer dish! For 2 weeks in a row, I have sauteed corn fresh from the Farmer's Market. My family likes "corn on the cob" but Elle can't eat it now that she has braces, so I found this option to be just as good, maybe better!

6-8 ears of corn, cleaned
3 T. butter
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Cut the corn off the cob. Saute corn in butter for about 10 minutes! Season with salt and pepper to your preferred taste. That's it! It's just like corn on the cob but much easier to eat and really not that difficult to prepare.

Growing up, I remember my parents shucking corn and it taking what
seemed like forever to clean all the silks off the corn.

Check out this video!
Shucking Corn - Clean Ears Every Time

It works perfectly! I just wish my Daddy was here so that I could share this tip with him. He would be all about it! First, he would doubt it - then he would have to try it! Then it would work and he would tell everybody about it - just like Ken! Just like the time I told him I was putting the turkey in the oven on 500 degrees, cooking for an hour and then turning the oven off for the night and on Thanksgiving morning, we would have a fully cooked turkey! He must have read the directions in the "Calling All Cooks" 20 times to be sure I knew what I was doing. It worked and he became a believer in this turkey cooking method.

I miss him when I cook my Thanksgiving turkey, I miss him with every pecan I chop (he always provided my pecans), I miss his jokes(again and again), I miss talking to him about the weather (he kept up with every tenth of an inch of rain), I miss him playing with my girls
 and many, many more things!!

Today, on Father's Day, I am thankful for my Daddy
 and for every memory
that I have of all that he meant to me and to my family!

Happy Father's Day

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