Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Tailgating with the Stars"

When our sweet Annie turned 3, she became eligible for school services. We are zoned for the Tuscaloosa County School System - Sprayberry Education Center is the special education facility. She started to school at Sprayberry just one week after her 3rd birthday. Obviously, with a 3 year old starting to school full time, we were a bit apprehensive. From Day 1, my fears were relieved by such a wonderful, caring and compassionate staff of teachers, paraeducators, and therapists who love my child! From immobility to mobility (she cruises and climbs!) -  from eating soft foods to eating every french fry and chicken nugget in sight - from no communication to learning to use an IPad - from sitting only to standing tall! - she had made so much progress developmentally in the time she has spent at Sprayberry! I know without a doubt that she is loved and she is very, very happy!
That's why we support Sprayberry! And you can, too!
If you like sports, if you like the local band "Undercover, if you like some awesome BBQ by Robertson's, if you like some great sports memorabilia or other silent auction items, if you like hanging out with some fun mascots or you like to support some special children,
or all of the above, you will enjoy this event!
Annie says "Thanks for Your Support"!

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