Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday - "Annie's Nurse"

This big red circle with children in it is known as "Annie's Nurse" in our family! Elle was two when Annie was born and she would see this logo on everything and she associated it with the nurses taking care of her little sister - anywhere - billboards, mail, newspaper, magazine - that she would see it, she would point and say "Annie's Nurse". So sweet!

Today, as Annie and I spent the day at The Children's Hospital of Alabama for annual clinic visits, I was reminded of how thankful we are for everything that Children's has meant to our family. We were introduced to Children's on April 10, 2003, the day after Annie was born, when she was taken by ambulance due to several medical complications. It would be 2 months and a day later before she would come home. Today, I was reminded of the NICU nurses, the Neonatologists, the Special Care Unit, the Pulmonary Unit, the Pulmonologists, the Orthpedic Surgeon, the Neurosurgeon, the Respiratory Therapists, Radiology technicians, ENT Specialists, the General Surgeon, the Clinics, Urologists, GI Specialists and even cafeteria workers and can recall moments in which each of them provided hope, encouragement, teaching, medicine, caring, skill and so much more!

We have walked in and out of Children's Hospital through this corridor over 7th Avenue more times than I can count, and never I have I been more thankful than today as we left with Annie all smiles and giggles all day, remembering how far she has come and being thankful for all who had a part!
So thankful for "Annie's Nurse" today!

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