Saturday, December 15, 2012

God Bless Newtown, CT

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I have finally turned off the television for a while. For some reason, I have practically been glued to the news stories coming out of Newtown, CT. While it is hard to watch and hear the horror that those precious children and that brave school staff experienced, somehow I just feel the need to know how and why this happened.
Today, when the names were released, it was made even more real. Those names could be Elle and Annie. This could have happened anywhere, even here where we feel safe in our part of the world, just as the students and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School felt. I cannot begin to fathom the pain those families are feeling right now.
It also makes me feel very thankful for the teachers who are responsible for my children every day. The stories of the bravery of the Sandy Hook staff are amazing! Because of their boldness and quick thinking, other lives were spared.
We'll never understand completely why this happened. There have been many commentaries on role that our faith plays - it is the way, the only way to get through something like this - for the staff, for the families, for the friends and for all of us watching at a distance. We have to pray, trusting God for healing!
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As for why I've watched this story so much, I think I am looking for some explanation - something that will tell me it couldn't happen here. I am so looking for something I can do - it is a helpless feeling to know that so many are hurting.  I am also looking for the good - the ways that people are showing love and compassion. I have to look for the good - dwelling on the evil is just depressing. Tuscaloosa has felt that love and compassion from around our nation through the experience of the tornado of April 2011. I hope that Newtown is feeling the same human spirit as this nation reaches out to comfort and support them during this unbelievable time.
Tonight, I am praying for peace - that only God can give! God bless everyone in Newtown, CT!

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