Monday, January 21, 2013

The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook

This past fall, I really enjoyed the Friday Football Fare posts. I am all about a good "Game Day" recipe no matter what sport is in season. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was "The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook" by Southern Living and Test Kitchen Director Rebecca Kracke Gordon!
This comprehensive book of tailgating includes: Countdown to Kickoff, Early Morning Warm-Ups, Cheers, Crunch Time, Best Bowls, Hot Prospects, Sideline Favorites and The Sugar Bowl! So creative!
So far, I've tried the Parmesan Chicken Salad from Hot Prospects, Peppered Beef Soup from Best Bowls (I made this and called it Irish Stew for the BCS Championship Game), and the Spicy Queso Dip from Crunch Time and all three were winners!
Beautiful writing and photography highlight tailgating traditions from all 14 SEC Schools! It includes Team Cupcakes, Team Deviled Eggs and Team Spritzers for each school.
Have you ever heard the 10 Commandments of College Football Fandom? Page 18 - Check them out! Commandment #10 - "Thou shalt not cover other team's bowl games, national championships, or Heisman trophy wins." ..................But you can always use their recipes!
This fabulous cookbook is available at Barnes and Noble . If you are a fan of tailgating, especially in the SEC, or, if you just like cookbooks and new recipes, it is sure to be a hit. I promise, you will love it. It will also make a great gift!

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