Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fireside Coffee for Friends

Sitting here sipping on a cup of "Fireside Coffee" after making a "batch" to share with friends! If you've never had Fireside Coffee, it's a hot chocolate/coffee combination - sweet with a little spice! I made it for friends at Christmas so I think it will also make a good Valentine treat for a few friends this year. I originally saw it on the Delightful Order blog. You can visit this blog to print the recipe card and to see how she packaged the mix.
For my Valentine treats, I put a cup or so of the mix in a Ziploc bag. I used the Cricut machine to make an initial of red vinyl for a black mug (from the Dollar Tree!). I had this package of vintage look gift bags, so I am placing a mug filled with "Fireside Coffee" and the printed recipe and directions in each bag. I'll be tying each bag with a red ribbon!
All I'll have left to do then is to surprise a few friends with this delicious treat!

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