Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lucky Charm

My day usually begins with coffee and the newspaper and yesterday was no exception! Always interested in stories about individuals with disabilities, this headline about about new directives from the U.S. Department of Education  caught my attention. It states that students with disabilities have the right to participate in extracurricular athletic activities, but this story was much more than the federal mandate. It was about a local girl with Down's syndrome who has already demonstrated success as a student athlete.

Allison Gabriel played guard on her high school basketball team and served as the tennis manager. After graduation, she moved on to Shelton State Community College where she serves as the manager for the Lady Bucs undefeated women's basketball team! The article suggests that she just might be their lucky charm! Lucky charm, maybe ...... blessed, for sure!
Way to go Northridge for embracing Allison's spirit and including her on their basketball team! Remember Allison was part of the Northridge team without a federal mandate!

A salute to the Shelton State Athletics and the Lady Bucs for giving the Allison the opportunity to be their manager and involving her on their winning team!
Not only has Northridge and Shelton been a blessing to Allison, sounds like she has been a blessing to them as well!
Go Jags, Go Bucs and Go Allison!!

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