Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Team Margie

A Team has been defined as a group of people linked in a common purpose. "Just a group" is not necessarily a team! Team members may have different roles but they support each other.
Until recently, "Team Margie" was a multidisciplinary team serving individuals at DCH Outpatient Therapy through Hand Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Work Rehabilitation and more! They have just added an additional role of supporting a team member through cancer treatment - an extremely important support that will greatly impact the outcome!
This photo made me smile!
Because it's bright and happy and fun!
Because I know these hard working therapists - have worked with some of them and been treated by some of them - and I know they make a great team!
Because there are guys wearing pink and holding stuffed animals and that's OK!
Because it shows how much they love Margie and I know how much this means to Margie!
Because I know the value of this kind of team support firsthand!
When I was going through cancer treatment, my work group at DCH Rehab gave me this beautiful hand painted rose signed by all my co-workers offering their prayers and support!
Meanwhile, another work group at Lawson Trucking (owned by my best friend's family) near Montgomery was proclaiming "Carla Allen Day" - this proclamation arrived at my house one day filled with sweet gifts to lift my spirits and show their love and support!
Both of these frames hang in my hallway and I pass them several times a day and 8 years later and cancer free, they still make me smile!
People used to ask me all the time..."how do you do it?" My reply was "how could I not? I have faith, family and the best friends in the world!" I imagine that's what Margie is feeling right now! If you ever think that preparing a meal, writing a note, sending a card, proclaiming a special day, painting a rose, or dressing in pink can't make a difference, think again! It makes all the difference in the world just to know that people care and are there for you through the journey!
Maybe you can use these ideas or maybe you have others - just remember, you can make a difference! Be a part of "Team Margie" by offering your prayers for her!

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