Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Safe and Sound

Annie's First Day to Ride the Bus in 2010

For the past week, the nation has been focused on Midland City, a small town in South Alabama where a 5 year old little boy was held hostage in a underground bunker. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and agony experienced by the mother of young Ethan. Today, I am SO thankful for the efforts of so many who, after and long and difficult week, were able to rescue Ethan safely and reunite him with his family.
A week earlier, an every day bus driver, Mr. Poland, was shot and killed while trying to protect the children on his bus. This situation has made me realize how important our bus drivers are to our children - what a responsibility they have! I think the phrase "neither snow nor rain nor dark of night can sway the courier from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" applies to mail carriers but the same could be said of bus drivers - they begin their routes in the dark, they drive in rain and through thick fog, they face heavy traffic with a load of children on a strict time schedule! 
We are very thankful for all of the bus drivers have driven Miss Annie to Sprayberry and back each day, during the regular school year and in the summer. When I put my sweet girl on the bus every morning, I know she's in good hands!
If you have a bus driver(s) in your life, there's no better time than the present to thank them for the job they do every day in keeping our children safe and sound on the way to and from school!
God Bless our Bus Drivers!

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