Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hippity Hoppity - Thrift Store Style!

Hippity Hoppity! Easter is on it's way! This little bunny is ready for the occasion! I have tons of Easter decorations but, this year, I decided to do something new for my table. My plan to decorate my table in "thrift store style" was successful as the cute pieces came together from thrift stores around town.
4 White World Market Plates - $7.96
4 Lillian Vernon Bunny Plates - $4.00
4 Green Square Place mats - $4.00
4 Flower Glasses - $4.00
Bunny Planter - 79 cents
Flowers from Publix - $6

The napkins and silverware are the only things that weren't "new",

My DIY table runner - simply a piece of burlap (the length of the table plus desired drop length). I split the burlap down the middle to make 2 runners, then stenciled the bunny (I made stencil from a graphic in Microsoft Word) on each end, made a pom pom for the tail (how to make a pom pom using a fork) and hot glued the bow! Simple as that!

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