Saturday, April 20, 2013

A "Beautiful" Birthday

 Twelve! I can't believe that Elle is twelve! If you know us, you know that we all are about a party but this year, Elle just couldn't decide what she wanted to do for her birthday. She settled on dinner and shopping with just a couple of close friends - definitely make up shopping at Ulta, dinner at Kobe, maybe a manicure, and clothes shopping at Midtown.
Shopping bags in hand, these cute girls were ready to shop! The "adventure" began at Ulta where they planned to check out the latest make up trends. Little did they know, a big surprise was in store for them!
"Hey, Guys!"
I had secretly invited "Eleventh Gorgeous", You Tube Beauty Gurus, to join us. These very stylish sisters who just happen to live here, showed up at Ulta as planned. Elle and her friends were shocked and for the first time ever, speechless!! "Oh! My! Gosh!" and "I feel like I am looking at a video" was their initial reaction.

Tracy and Stefanie, who were recently featured in the Spring 2013 edition of the Tuscaloosa Magazine, shared tips on hair products, make up, nail polish and more! They were more than gracious in sharing their favorites, things that worked and things that didn't and this Mom likes that their specialty is shopping on a budget!
Elle, Emma, Mary Harbin
These beautiful girls, who have been friends since kindergarten, made some precious memories that they won't soon forget. A very special thank you to Tracy and Stefanie for taking the time to make this birthday celebration  "beautiful"!

Each shopping bag included an Eleventh Gorgeous Palladia lip gloss, a monogrammed wooden hanger and their dinner glass!

The girls had so much fun with Tracy and Stefanie at Ulta that we almost didn't make it to Kobe before we had to call it a night! We didn't do manicures, or clothes shopping or cupcakes or anything else but it really didn't matter!

This birthday girl called it the "Best Birthday Ever!"
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