Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Perfect 10

The Birthday Girl

10 years ago today, a very tiny little bundle of joy came into our lives! Ann Olivia a.k.a. Annie (or Annie Bannie, or AB, or Annie Boo Boo or Lulu) entered the world at a whopping 4 lb. 11 oz. Her birth didn't exactly go as expected and she spent just over 2 months at Children's Hospital. Her very excited big sister had to wait that long before she could truly play the big sister role which she has done so well!

Elle and Annie
Here we are 10 years later, celebrating our sweet Annie!
Some of Annie's favorite people joined us on Sunday afternoon for some sweet treats to celebrate the occasion - some new recipes that I will share in a future blog!
Annie's "sweet shop" included birthday cake, cupcakes, candy, white chocolate fudge, white chocolate covered peanuts, gumballs and Ms. Kathy's beautiful blue punch and of course, Granny's cheese straws, Annie's personal favorite!
We are thankful for each and every one of Annie's family and friends who have been a part of her life and it was special to have some of them share in the celebration!
Aunt Deb, Nannie, Granddaddy and Granny
Carol Grace and Alex

Ms. Shari - thanks for the chips!
Weze has been one of Annie's best grown up friends!

Alex, Annie's best friend from school and her sweet Mom!
Ms. Hope, Annie's first teacher!
Annie's message to her sweet friends!
Thanks, Weze, for helping me look cool!
Of course, the purse was a gift from her fashionable big sister!
Great helpers and friends, Elle and Mary Harbin!
Our Sweet Annie may not be a typical 10 year old but she is a perfect 10 to us! We love you, Annie Bannie! Happy 10th Birthday!

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