Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday - My Big Sister is My Best Friend

How well I remember, several weeks after Annie was born - I was driving home from Birmingham with two year old, Elle, on our way home from our dear friend, Laura's graduation - when Elle, out of the blue, said, "when Annie's grows up, I will hold her hand and help her walk". Annie was about 6 or 7 weeks old and still at Children's Hospital. Elle had yet to be able to play with her sister but she knew, even at that young age, that things were not going to be normal.

Elle has certainly kept that promise, and never more true than today at Special Olympics when she fixed her bow, fixed her drink, got her chips and held her hand to walk on the track at Central, practicing for her event!

We couldn't have been prouder of these girls today!

My favorite picture of the day!

It only seemed fitting, after all the support Elle had given Annie, that Annie would support Elle at this "rest stop"! Last week, when the family compiled "12 Reasons to Celebrate Elle" for her birthday, the list included "Best Big Sister" - we certainly got that one right! And... if Annie could talk, she would tell us that her Big Sister is her Best Friend and that she is very thankful for her!
Enjoy this video that the Big Sister made of the Little Sister's special day! It will make you smile!

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  1. With tears and goosebumps, I thank you for sharing! Miss you!