Monday, May 20, 2013

Be the Best

In honor and memory of Joe Best and Betty Best, I wear this pin today. Joe was the brother of my dear friend, Barbara Kucharksi. Betty was Barbara's dear Mother. Joe and Betty shared May 20 as their birthday. When Joe passed away a several years ago after a battle with cancer, Barbara created this pin to honor him. She has since lost her Mother so it now honors her, too! Friends and family who wear the pin tell others, when asked about the pin, of these two humble servants of the Lord!
Fun, funny, caring, giving and selfless are words used to describe this mother and son. Barbara shares that they always put Christ first, then family and others. They were also doing nice things for others, even secretly. They were giving when it wasn't required.
The best way to remember these two special people is to encourage others to be like them. On May 20th and every day, we can all learn from Betty and Joe - to live as servants of the Lord, always caring for others!
Let's all "Be the Best" today and every day!

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