Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's for Supper?

I have no idea! That is my usual response to the question "What's for Supper?" that I hear frequently. Unless I have done any amount of planning, I really don't know. It's not that there is not food in the freezer, it's just that I don't always plan ahead to have something thawed or ready to cook after work. Planning is the key! So...... I created this list to help me be prepared for the question next time!
I have to admit that I created this "list" a while back and I haven't really used it yet, but today's the day! Maybe you can use it, too! Use the link above to print your own copy. Maybe, when I get my own copy filled in, I can share some new recipes! Don't be surprised to see Chick Fil A, Walton's and others on still on my list, just hopefully not every night.... On my way to plan this week's dinner!


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