Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinterest Printables Project - Winter Survival Kit

I love Pinterest! I knew I had pinned quite a few ideas - recipes, gift ideas, cute fonts, inspirational messages and so much more but had never given thought to how many ideas I had pinned until today - over 4000! That's crazy, I know, but the good thing is that I always know where to find them. And there are some that I have actually done!
Loved this cute gift idea from Corissa Nelson Art

I had some mason jars left over from a Elle's that I filled with these things: Curel moisturizer, lip balms, colorful tissues, cute emory boards (found at Pier I) and some peppermints. I used some scrap fabrics for the topper and some twine to tie the tags! Just a fun little "happy" to share with a friend!
I like being creative but creativity is really made easy when you find something cute like this that has already been created for you. Pinterest has LOTS of printables - gift tags, organizers, planners, labels, décor, etc. to make it easier for you! Check out my Pinterest board for "Printables" to find something you can use!

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